Lily for death, 
Rose for love. 

Peaceful white, 
Blackened grief. 
Society's needs. 

Defiant purple, 
Eccentric green, 
Stereotyped words, 
Silently mean.
Society's norms. 

Valentine love, 
Happy Birthday. 
Presents, wishes, 
Flowered phrases. 
Society's call. 

Careful questions, 
Implicit meaning. 
Unneeded advice, 
Jealous eyes. 
Society's dealing. 

Vulgar red, 
Old cream. 
String of pearls, 
Words of wisdom, 
Society's help. 

Unheeded path, 
Break away. 
Take control, 
Run away. 
Society's hit. 

Culture's dead, 
Language reformed.
Or the society? 
Importance informed. 

Path steeped,
Difficulties arose. 
We fought back, 
And here we are, 
Society's lax. 

For the better, 
Or for worse, 
Society's banded,