After reading literally, what I feel, everything the internet has to offer on ‘lucid dreams,’ I am now going to renew my efforts on trying to experience atleast one complete lucid dream. Lucid dreaming is when, one is aware that you are in a dream and can then control that dream in any way. E.g: You are dreaming, driving down that highway in a Ferrari the sun is shinning, suddenly you realize its a dream, you this one moment of clarity. You realize that you can’t really afford a Ferrari. Nope, not in a million years. So then you think, since it’s a dream, can I fly? Next thing you know you’re flying! So, in other words, lucid dreams can be a means of escape. Escape from this life, burdened with laws of gravity, and how to always act in public etc.

I have tried lucid dreaming in the past with no clear success, however there were some occasional dreams where I had some clarity. A few wisps of it. Hope it’s easier this time! Wish me luck.