They say you are born for a reason, a purpose. And when that is fulfilled you fade away from reality and exist only in people’s memories. Those memories, the remnants of your actions, those are your legacy.

Anger they say is physical. Physical? I ask again. Something so strong, so hurtful, something that can overcome mind and will, how can it be merely physical? Physical is hunger, and thirst not this poison that consumes one like a fire and then alights the person next to you.

Destiny they say cannot be changed. Something so meticulously written to the last word by God, so absolute, how can it be changed by the mere will of man? Yet they forget that it is God who wrote it and it can be changed if He wills it to.

They say all this to try and make you and me, and all those who wish to be different, something more, to reduce people who think and believe like us, to a minority. And when the right time comes to snuff out the light we carry in our hearts. The light which makes us hope that one day the world as we know it will be a better place.

‘I simply can’t build my hopes on a foundation of confusion, misery and death…I think…peace and tranquility will return again.’ -Anne Frank

Let us all, step away from this terror and sadness of today’s world and take a deep breath and widen our horizons. Believe that everyone is good, unless it is proven otherwise. And cling onto whatever hope you carry, no matter how dire the circumstances might be.