I talk to myself a lot. It’s not an uncontrollable desire, rather, I think, the result of an over-active, frustrated imagination. Any movie, play or serial I have watched is continued in my head with the storyline that I prefer while I mouth out the words, playing the role of the most interesting character. Am I insane? I think not. Is this unusual. I hope so. Every man has a desire to be different, so do I. Anyway, this makes me think about one thing, imagination. What is it? An absolutely brilliant thing, that leads us to a different almost, to an alternate universe, a visual story of which you are the author. It’s similar to lucide dreaming now that I think of it. It’s a satisfying escape from the mundane reality, it’s uses? Many, some I am sure have not even been discovered, yet. It’s there to recreate crime scenes, stir up lies, stories, disrupt the line between memories and facts. It’s there to help you make decisions, create the reality after that choice, weigh the pros and cons and then guide you towards the right decision. It is what enables us to think outside the box, and then once outside, to eventually get rid of the box. Mentally stimulating, throughly motivating it is what shows you where and what you want to achieve in life. Thus, governing the most powerful thing you possess, your will. So let your mind wander, let your thoughts walk through the maze of reality and create your own reality. Realize and imagine what you want to be and what you want to do in life and go do it.